Our People

Carello Auto is a family-built business founded by Fausto Carello, a renowned and respected rally driver from Italy.

The Carello family has always been firmly rooted in the automotive industry, beginning their business by manufacturing headlamps for Fiat, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo in Italy. Upon the immigration of Fausto Carello’s family to South Africa, his vast wealth of automotive knowledge stood him in good stead in his first position with the Johannesburg-based panel beating, mechanical and sales company Tak Motors, agents for Ferrari in South Africa. Spurred on by his passion and vision of excellence, Fausto formed his own factory-approved autobody repair company, Carello Auto.

In the age-old Italian family tradition, Fausto passed the torch of automotive excellence on to his son, Tato, who subsequently joined in 2000. Today, Tato is the Managing Director of Carello Auto and his passion for the business and loyal dedication to building a solid team of high level automotive professionals has ensured that the Carello family has maintained its position as a pioneering name in automotive excellence in South Africa.

Tony Imbriolo, one of Carello’s Directors and shareholders, works closely alongside Tato Carello with matched levels of Italian passion and commitment to the automotive repair industry. With humble professional beginnings, Tony started his working life in automobile stores, and subsequently moved through various facilities gaining experience in panel shop, paint shop, assembly line and finally quality control. As such, Tony brings over twenty five years of valuable, time-tested experience to Carello, complemented by previous experience as a vehicle estimator and the gaining of a prestigious Dale Carnegie Management Diploma in 1991. Additionally, Tony served as Vice Chairman of SAMBRA from 2004 to 2005, during which time he demonstrated his commitment to the upliftment of the vehicle repair industry, a commitment which lives on at Carello.

Both Tato Carello and Tony Imbriolo strive to ensure that Carello Auto remains a progressive, stable company in South Africa’s corporate and economic environment of flux. Together, they have set Carello Auto on an upward trajectory of professional empowerment, constantly creating opportunities for the up skilling and development of their staff, as well as putting in place comprehensive BEE ownership initiatives that address the particular needs of the South African economy.

Management is committed to the ongoing staff development through various training initiatives thus creating promotional opportunities from within as well as supporting BEE initiatives.