Our Process


Our workshop runs according to strict protocols and levels of progression, beginning with the fair, equitable quotation of vehicles either on our premises, or at your residence or place of business. Once your vehicle has been assessed and the repairs authorised by the relevant insurance company, we order the necessary parts, moving your vehicle into the workshop once the parts arrive At this primary stage, we remove all damaged panels from your vehicle in preparation for any necessary panel beating work required


All panel beating is completed by our highly skilled and qualified panel beating team, utilising both the latest local and imported equipment, including:

  • Car-o-Liner chassis straightener, with electronic Car-o-Tronic measuring system
  • Cellete Sevenne chassis straightener, with electronic Naja measuring system
  • Rotary lift
  • Two post lifts
  • Four post lifts
  • Car-o-Liner speed bench
  • Car-o – Liner infrared measuring system?
  • Korak pulling system
  • Techna spot welder
  • Fan spot welder
  • Marlin car speed bench
  • Aluminium welder
  • Naja electronic measuring system


Here we prepare the body of your vehicle for the paint work process, which comprises the priming, flatting and masking stages. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes dry flatting vacuum systems with infrared lighting for the fast, uniform and efficient curing of the primer.


Our skilled spray painting team utilise the world-renowned RM paint system, with the requisite colours being electronically mixed to perfectly colour-match your particular vehicle. Subsequent to obtaining a smooth, flawless paint finish, your vehicle is then baked in one of our air-tight, dust free, top-of-the-range booths.


Once your vehicle has been spray painted, all repaired panels and parts are carefully reassembled with the utmost care and attention to detail by our assembly specialists, ensuring the smooth and seamless match of any reattached panels.


Our qualified motor mechanic attends to any mechanical related issues.


By way of high speed, handheld polishing machines used by trained personnel, we ensure that your vehicle is polished to mint condition before being valeted.



Along with the standard quality control checks throughout every stage of the repair process, once your vehicle repairs are completed it will then undergo a last, highly intensive quality control check by our dedicated quality controller. Only once your vehicle has passed this final stringent quality control check will you be contacted to collect your showroom-ready vehicle.